Labware and Laboratory Equipment for Ultra-trace, Elemental and Isotope Analysis

Wide selection, custom-specific designs and ideal for ultra-pure laboratory applications

Accessories for ICP-MS/OES Instruments

Corresponding to the wide range of ICP models and samples (aqueos, hydrofloric acid, high organic proportion) we offer many different accessories for the sample introduction system and interface. Please choose between torches, nebulizers, spray chambers, cones, pump tubing in various designs and made of various materials.

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Labware Made from PFA Fluoropolymer

For ultra trace analysis, we offer bottles, vials and further accessories made from high-performance polymere PFA (Perfluroralkoxy). PFA guarantees less interfering chemical-physical interaction such as adsorption or desorption – excellent condtions for an accurate analysis.

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Devices for Ultra-trace Analysis

Please find here accessories and devices for element analysis laboratories like metall-free heating plates for sample digestions and devices for evaporation, acid cleaning, vessels cleaning, dispensing, peristaltic pumps and desiccators for sample storage.

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