Optical Components, Accessories and Equipment for Spectral Analysis and Photonics

Wide selection and custom-specific product solutions

Optical Filters

Please find here a wide variety of single filters and filter sets for many applications. Due to our long-term cooperation with international leading manufacturers like Chroma, IDEX Health & Science (Semrock), Alluxa, etc. we can provide you additionally to our product porftolio individual filter designs and comprehensive service.

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Light Sources

We provide powerful LED light sources of the newest generation. The fields of application are fluorescence excitation, optogenetics, clinical and additional applications. They are without harmful mercury and impress with very stable intensity output and fast switching times. We also offer white-light LEDs, accessories like lamps, light guides, collimators and more.

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Image Splitters

Image splitters allow simultaneous displaying of different wavelengths on one image sensor. Ideal for FRET, ratiometric imaging, polarization anisotropy and simultaneous phase contrast / DIC and fluorescence. It is also possible to connect several cameras to one microscope with a special adapter.

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Quality Monitoring for Fluorescence Imaging

The fluorescent microscope slide combined with the associated software enables easy quality management, since imaging errors of your microscope can be rapidly detected. This allows you to save time in quality management and to acquire reproducible microscope images, which you can trust. The microscope slide consists of a fluorescent glass sample, which, due to its inorganic nature shows minimal bleaching.

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