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Spectral Analysis and Photonics

We offer a wide range of hard-coated optical single- and multiband filters, beamsplitters and mirrors from various manufacturers which can be individually adapted to your specific optical structure. Moreover, we also have powerful LED light sources, image splitters and solutions for quality control and calibration of microscopes. Our products have proved their quality especially in biophysical test methods, such as fluorescence microscopy and Raman spectroscopy which incorporate superresolution techniques (optical resolution beyond the Abbe limit). They also play an important role in cell analysis instruments (microscopes, readers, flow meters) used in routine and research laboratories.

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Laborantin und Molekülstrukturen

Labware and Equipment for Ultra-trace Analysis

Ultra-pure vials and substances are necessary requirements for elemental trace analysis. We can supply you with bottles, vessels and other lab equipment made of high-performance PFA (perfluoroalkoxy polymer). PFA shows very low physical and chemical interactions with different sample types, due to its hydrophobic nature. This product range is completed by acid inert and metal-free heating plates and systems for digestion and enrichment of samples, as well as devices for cleaning of vials and subboiling of acids.

For analysis of elemental traces with ICP-OES (inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry) and ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry) we are offering a great variety of consumables and single components for the sample introduction system of the ICP instrument. These components are available in various materials and for many ICP instrument models helping you to get analysis results with high accuracy.

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