TIRF Filter Set for 488-491 nm (OLYMPUS BX2/IX2)

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Article-Nr.: F46-04TO
Product information "TIRF Filter Set for 488-491 nm (OLYMPUS BX2/IX2)"
consists of:
Exciter: 475/35 (hartcoated);
Beamsplitter: Reflection 400-491 nm >90%, Transmission 505 - 740 nm >90% (hartcoated);
Emitter: 525/45 (hartcoated);
mounted in TIRF-compatible OLYMPUS filter cube for BX2/IX2

Other combinations possible. Please contact us!
OEM/Original number: TRF49904+91041
Other physical specs: Standard Specifications of Our Filters and Beam Splitters
Application (Set): TIRF
Dimensions (Set Components): Standard (x/m: D=25mm, bs: 25x36mm)
Light Source: Dioden-/Linien-Laser
Number of Bands/Edges/Notches: 1
Quality: Superresolution/TIRF
Type (Filter set): Einzelband
Warranty: 10 Jahre
Laser Wavelength (nm): 488, 491